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    Booties or wetsuit socks?

    what is better to wear during winter here in new York for bodyboarding? 7mm boots that are sealed and taped or a pair of 5mm fin socks that are just sealed not taped. they will be worn under fins so I would like to know what other people wear under their fins during the winter.

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    I've been using a pair of H20dyssey 5mil wetsuit socks (like $30 I think? they are cheap) for bodyboarding RI and MA so far this winter, I've always been worried that boots would reduce ankle mobility / wouldn't fit under the fins as well/ wouldn't let me point my toes as comfortably as socks... never tried boots. I know other bodyboarders definitely use boots in winter just fine though...

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    I used both.

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    You just gotta either find fins big enough to fit over ur bbots. Thats what my friend does. Of course, I surf, so i shouldn't be on this thread in the first place.

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    What fins run the largest. I tried churchill slahers in xl and they wouldn't fit in 7mm booties. Any others that would fit?

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    +1 on the H20dyssey 5mil socks, could always wear wool socks under those if you need far as fins, not sure what runs the largest, I just have a winter pair the next size up.

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    Have never been big on the booties thing. It does get cold enough here to wear them and I have tried them once but they just seem a little too bulky. They definitely kept my feet warm but the problem I had was being able to feel my board underneath them. It was kind of like surfing with numb feet.

    Maybe on a funboard or longboard they would be good to use but riding a 5'10" they were just to cumbersome.

    I've never tried the socks, I would imagine they would be a little better as far as not being as cumbersome but I don't know how warm they would be like up north where the water gets really cold. Down here in the depths of winter, which is usually January - February the water gets about 56 - 58. Which is pretty unbareable so I can imagine that anything colder than that is just plain ridiculous!