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    channel islands new flyer

    hey guys,anyone have one of these or ridden one yet?i know how some of you feel about big name boards,but channel islands has been tempting me for many years its getting hard to resist

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    Been staying away from CI boards for quite a few years because I thought they've been over hyped. But when I saw this shape it got my attention. Got the swallowtail with the thruster setup. Really like the outline and the bottom contour. The width makes it good for getting through the mush and the tail is more pulled in than most small wave shapes and gives it good control and tighter turning. Nice solid vee between the fins helps with the rail to rail. Plus it has a decent nose rocker that works well for those late drops. Have had it out in knee high to close to double overhead and I'm diggin it. Very solid shape!

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    thanks,they look killer,ill see how it goes

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    i have a custom 6'6 CI mbm. if you touch it wrong, massive dings. its 2 years old and has depreciated in value by at least 85%. my 10 yr old ...lost round nose fish is still in amazing condition. so over CI

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    they are glassed super thin. if you surf them hard and often enough they get trashed in a year or so.

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    Mine was glassed by "Mystery" and seems to be holding up a little better than most CI's I've had in the past. But I would like to try one in epoxy.