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    Surf Philippines

    ...specifically around Baler? planning on going there next month, and it looks like it's suppose to be surf season. i've been reading this place called Cemento reef, which kinda reminds me of Kaisers, a surf spot on the town side (oahu).
    any feedback, comments, tips, etc. about that area?

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    contact Steve Hess, former owner of Secret Spot surf shop, in Snags Haid NC. He's living in the Philippines now. Got a surf team so he knows the breaks.
    He's on the Facebook, He may or may not help you, depending. But it's worth a try

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    thanks Cheech! doing it now...

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    Have you contacted "our lord" Hess yet? wondering if there was inhabitable beaches still there. what with the typhoon and earthquakes months ago. there's been several mag. 5 earthquakes there today.