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    First Landing is a pretty good campground, especially for cold weather. In the summer it's a little buggy. There are some good hiking and biking trails through the state park. If you surf near there you might actually see the elusive Northend Surfer, who raves about how good the waves are up there, but you never actually see them for yourself. Either way, you'll have the beach to yourself. Most people who live in the Northend don't actually use the beach. It's more of a status symbol for Richmond and Northern VA transplants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerndwata View Post
    I swear if yall don't stop going on and on about #Belmarisbetterthananywhere than I'm gona get the whole ****ing pier crew, the whole south jetty crew, and the whole north end crew to come **** **** up up there in Belmar because I'm pretty sure that anyone preaching this **** on a swellinfo forum is probably a major kook. I will give you a reason to keep it a "secret". NOONE that knows where a good break is, SCREAMS ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET!!!! wtf are you thinking? I swear there must be no real locals up there that are good, because if there were, you'd already have your ass beat. If I were to get on here, and talk about the location of the box, or the pipe, or the triangle, or the court, or the cereal bowls, or the post, I would get killlllled. because my friends and I want to keep these spots as isolated and unknown as long as possible. get a little more humble, and selfless, no one really cares that you surf, or that #belmarhasawave. you're embarrassing yourself.

    Oh and STOP *****ing about VB sucking. If you weren't old or didn't suck, it would be "worth paddling for" a lot more than 6 times a year. If you have a positive attitude, a wide fish or longboard, and have an understanding of how tide effects waves. you can go to VB anytime in the early spring and find a good sesh or two regardless of the forecast. Seashore is a great place to camp and since you're just getting back into it, I would recommend it. Once you get acclimated, and get hungry for the hollow waves, then you can go down to Billy Mitchell to find yourself a real break.
    Hey PJB, Nicky Scarfo here. And you said I was to serious?? Check out this dude. Half his post is anger an**************'s.

    Beerndwata, Bro, you think anywhere in jersey is a secret? Specially Belmar - they hold contests there all the time. Come on man. And you're the professional I was speaking about in my prior post. People would kill you if you said where the mysterious cereal bowls was??? Now that's just comical. Calm down there Brada.
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    First Landing state park is a decent place to camp with access to the northend and biking and hiking trails across shore drive. But its a state park so no drinking.... which for me is as much as camping as marshmallows fireside. But KOA and Holiday Travel are closer to the southside and sandbridge and private run. They get busy in the summer but some of it is Canadian tourists and the others ny and nj oldies in rvs. And as mentioned earlier a lot of private spots on the way into sandbridge and also out in pungo. But the best spot is still false cape for camping and semi obx surf

    I see I go away for a bit and the vb sucks is still there... well I'm just happy that when I'm home I can grab my board and paddle out and enjoy a wave... be it knee high or wind slop.. I still get to paddle out and ride.

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