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    finatic fin testing

    has anyone tried the finatic fin testing? says you can join for as little as 9.99 a month and you can keep the fins as long as you want. I'm not sure how lenient they are about how long you keep them so has anyone tried this before? of course you are still paying 9.99 every month so over time you will have basically bought a set of fins.

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    Haven't tried but I'm going to. Seems like a good idea! Pretty sure that if you get the most expensive one you can have 2 sets and buy them used for some percent off. It'd be fun to share some fins with the boys... Def gonna do it this summer.

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    Sounds like a good idea to me. I'm thinking about giving it a try in the near future.

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    I'll have to check it out.... not a bad idea though! Be really cool to do it with the whole damn board! Pay like a yearly fee, say $300-$500 and be able to ride any kind of board

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    I have a subscription. I tend to keep fins for months at a time. Not the best way to do it but I just forget. They just keep charging you the monthly fee. They offer discounts if you want to buy the fins you are riding. I would recommend the program if you like to ride new stuff