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you gotta take your own advice & leave the past behind, my man. that whole manco & manco/b-walk thing was 2 years ago, right when you started posting here. i'll never willingly eat manco & manco's, but i have b-walk dates w/ my wife now & then & take my godson up to ride the rides in the off-season.

now, who can tell me if i need my 9'1.5" gun in ocnj tomorrow??
No, you don't need a gun, tomorrow. What, do you really need advice aboot what board to ride from dudes who don't know where to take off their wet suits? Or were you just changing the subject?

You have a Godson? Are you and your wife considering having children?

I can't leave the past behind - it's where I live. But I'm not all sore over it and sh!t.

Hey, we should meet up on the boardwalk some day, and kick it. What kind of drugs do you do? Hey, what do you think aboot the Atlantic City boardwalk?