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    yankee I was merely the chairman of the voting process. It was an honest, power-to-the-people majority rule vote.

    Is Chuck's hideout really a barn? He could be renting some really cheap industrial space in a hula hoop warehouse off of Route 1. Can Starchy look into Chuck's exact GPS coordinates?
    There's really no way to tell with that chucka-boo-boo. Maine barns, Iowa pig farms, Kiwi dwarf-tossing venues...

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    yankee i love the hate and keep it up. no really please do i am a fan. but take it easy on the ga grommet. he has came to my island and shredded it so hard that there was erosion to the sand dunes after he busted the spray off a lip. it hasn't been repaired yet, the locals around here are now scared to surf since then. there is now a statue at the line up if him erected out of palmetto trees and oleander and duct tape.
    No BS there.

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    Subverting the lock on your parentals computer again, numb nuts?

    School starts on Monday. Go study your sister while she sleeps & call it getting ready for biology.

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    yankee + rcarter = The Big Mean Machine