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    new board.jpg

    or maybe a blue one without the hand grips, but thats the basic shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgiaSurfer View Post
    I'm not sure if this has been asked already or not but i really wanted to hear what you all thought. If you could only have one board for the rest of your life what board would it be and why? One thing to think about is when you get older! At the moment i only have a 5'6 quad and an old 6' board my dad got at Ron Jons in the 80's so i cant exactly answer this question. I think i would choose a longboard board in the 8'-9' range though, because it would be decent in smaller surf and still hold up in larger surf and would be easier to catch waves with when i got a lot older. With all that being said, which board would you choose, and why?
    Yeah I think this "one board" thread has been done quite a few times already.

    Definitely not a longboard, 8 foot board, or a 7 foot board.

    It's funny (to me) but I've had a rotating cast of boards for the past 10 years or so, always at least 8-10 boards deep yet year after year 90% of my sessions are on some kind of 5'10 x 21" fish or round tail. With the right fins it will easily handle head high, or 2 foot.

    If I had to stick with one board forever, I'd go with what works for me 90% of the time already. If getting old eventually meant I could no longer ride the 5'10" then so be it. I wouldn't sacrifice even one year of riding what works for me, just to be able to continue surfing into old age on a tank.
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    A 6-6 egg would probably work in just about anything if you were limited to one board. Either a Bonzer 5 setup with a few different center fins depending on size or a tri/quad setup

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    40 foot duke Alaia haha. No I'd probably do a 6-4 maybe. My friend has this nice Ricky Carroll fun shape and it's pretty good for all surf and when I'd get older I could (hopefully) still get up on it. *Edit* make it a 5 fin setup. Put a quad on with a knubby trailer fin.
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    Everytime I think I've found that board I tire of it after a couple of years. I think if I had to pick one I would pick none and leave the ocean to everyone else.

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    Just a little twin fin fish. i've found they work in nearly everything. knee to overhead. mushy to barrels. Short enough to make a steep drop if need be, wide enough to paddle in early/surf small waves.

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    I'd go with a longboard. At least 9-2.

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    stubby thruster because snappy turns are my favorite. when I can't paddle that, I'll probably just do something else

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    my dad (67 years old, been surfing since he was 17) has settled in on an 8'0" bonzer egg. he really only rides it when it's decent-good, though. he'll ride a mat or bodysurf otherwise & he's no longer surfing the coldest days of winter.
    i figure something similar in the 6'6"-7'6" range would do me right if i had to.

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    Wavestorm! If it can handle Pipe it can handle Belmar.