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    Quote Originally Posted by banman View Post
    I'm still 14, but all the ladies say I look 15 1/2're the only kid
    OHHH SNAPPP grom brah got falsed

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    Surfboard talk bores the hell out of me. Most people who talk aboot it just want to sound they know something. Hey, I said MOST, not all. So relax.

    You should see me when I get a SURFER or a SURFING in the mail and it's a SURFBOARD ISSUE.....I go crazy with rage. My old neighbor who sits on the porch all day stares at me.

    And Mitch, The crazy ex-Vietnam vet, gets interested as he likes chaos.

    Ok I'm going to eat WHEATIES.

    Then I'm going on the ocean as if to ride some energy remaining from said Hercules thereafterwards.

    Death to New Orleans............You see black and gold you beat it today. Beat it real good.

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    5 foot + high tide today! Neap Tide is not a neat tide!

    Close out city, Close out City

    Watch the movie Paint Your Wagon...Clint Eastwoods's finest...

    Bring forth the North Winds.

    I can't get to the thread I started.

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    PB&J that means you get agitated for at least 4 issues per year x2 periodicals. Maybe you can blow away or whack the surfing community by publishing SURFBOARDS magazine. There are SI brahs that will write board reviews for you pro bono on the more commersh sticks and another couple lyrical geniuses that can scribble an editorial or two on oversized lumber.

    KillaKiel that's some good rapping. Wait for the lull between sets of useless posts (e.g., this one) then paddle out to your North vs. South thread. I like how you rekindled the civvy war battle incognito behind the guise of our favorite winds. You're right about that tide. It was wild yesterday.

    Gaffer you are right about the Aints' futility in the playoffs?! Grew up watching them go 12-4 each year en route to NFC West dominance (remember when Nawlins and ATL were "west"?) only to lose in the first round. Love that Jim Mora. PB&J, how many times will you say "ka caw" today? Is Vince Papale still listed as 'questionable' on the injury report? Doug says the Aints will prevail because they've got The Lord on their side.

    Gaff, is it really flat out there? Looks like you better hop on your Carver since it's still 75 and sunny. I'll be back out there in a couple weeks. Let's meet up for some fish tacos. I'm buying.

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    Gaff, are you a bolts fan? They're dangerous and are hot right now. Do you go to games?

    Doug, what do you feel about the Chargers' prospects in the playoffs?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    You know, that brings up a rather interesting question.
    So uh, what kind of surfboard(s) do you ride Bear?

    Oh when the Saints, oh when the Saints
    Oh when the Saints go marching in
    Too bad they only have a .500 record in other people's stadiums during the playoffs.
    Oh when the Saints go marching in.

    What's an eggle anyway? Whoodat?

    It is so flat out here.
    Yeah, that's a real interesting question. You already know the answer to that so I guess you have a motive behind it. So......get ready. You axed, you shall receive.........

    You know I ride a 42'' Custom X, Za Gaffer. So if you are trying to, like, "embarrass" me or something, sorry.....That's impossible on here. I throw my 5 mil on in record time......and I take it off the cold.

    During my tenure as SJB, I readily threw myself into the surfer vs boogie board debate - every where it popped-up. Every time. No one ever could refute my positions. I ended the thread each and every time. Hasn't came up during my recent tenure. But I'll f'up any novice kook who thinks standing on a 8 foot piece of glassed foam is some big accomplishment. It's rare.

    No one ever took me up on showing me how easy the boogie board is. No one. Never. So anybody out there save your talk and show me action. If you think you are snarky enough to impress me. I'll give you until May to hone your skills. Then come show me. If you can't show me, then don't yap on the computer. Straight-up.

    By the way, my offer to go to Chucky E Cheese still stands for anyone who can impress me.

    Besides I used to surf like a man. So, I'm not real impressed. Surfing looks cooler(most of the time), but the sponge feels better(to me at least). Isn't that the point? You become more in tune with the wave on the sponge, whereas surfing it is more aboot manipulating a 6-10' board. But that's just me.

    Oh, I can't stand spongers either......though I also can't stand stand-ups, kayaks and SUP's.....knee boarders are cool, though. Oh, I'm not some spinning, flopping flea-type either. I throw more spray than 98% of the people on here, and had a group of old ladies cheer for me as I exited the water, once.

    Plus, I hate bending at the knees and squatting for small bowls. I also hate looking down on waves. I do miss the speed, and the back foot/tail leverage especially in pocket snaps/lip bashes. But man, it's 3 foot and perfect here I said I don't like squatting for bowls.

    I never been happier to be a sponger. Dude, I don't walk the same walk as others. I don't follow the crowd. I'd be embarrassed to be a stand-up these days. I do my own thing as far away from the pack as I can. And I mean that literally. I'm always out by myself. I never paddle into a pack.

    No mater what I ride, rode, or whatever......board talk bores me. That's why I pay burn-outs in garages or factories to make them for me. I'm not anti-board talk, but you(ZaGaf) used a board talk thread as a shinning example of interesting surf talk on here. I disagree.

    So, ZaGaffer, I hope I didn't duck your question. Did you get what you wanted out of it?

    Spicoli, SURFING comes out with ONE surfboard issue per year. And I can't even remember if SURFER still does it or not. Worst issues of the year, and in today's world, that's saying a lot.

    Hey, Spicoli and Gaffer, have you guys been hanging out during Spicoli's west coast sojourns? He keeps axing you to meet up. Just wondering if you crazy kids ever got together. It might be a SWELLINFO.COM first.

    Spicoli, when are you coming to New Jersey? I'll buy the pizza. You buy the herb.

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    I swear there's been a 6+ page spread of 2014 sticks in each of the last several issues from both mags. I flip past that and the recurring cliché articles on surf hooliganism and the quest for the elusive secret spots of the world. Was refreshed the other day when I was shotting a barrell on the can and opened up the new issue to find a feature on Mick.

    Gaffer wouldn't be caught dead with me in SoCal. He'd lose his conditioner/shampoo sponsorship and a great deal of friends along with it. Probably not a good business decision for him. Even though I started doing semi-intermediate surfer things like sitting on my board when useful, he still won't admit knowing me. Nevertheless, I'm ordering an extra set of fish tacos every time I'm out there thinking maybe he'll come around. I bet it's because I have been riding my Carver in three different counties there.

    Jerz is on the radar. It's a must-do. I don't like oregano or any herbs on my pizza, but I'll definitely take you up on the offer for post-sesh slices. See? You're not salty all the time in the new year, just sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    OHHH SNAPPP grom brah got falsed
    Bro brah bru bruddah dude