A while back I posted a question about Jet Blue's policy on only allowing 1 surfboard per bag and if they really enforce it and tips to get around it. So here is an update. I was flying to PR for 2 months Jan-March (been here for 2 days so far epic) so naturally I need more than just 1 board. I decided to take 3 all 6'2's. I got a lot of good advice here on SI about how to pack them so they don't charge me extra or not let me take them all. So what I did was wrapped all of them in bubble wrap and then wrapped that with brown packing paper, (like a Christmas gift). I then rolled up to the airport (JFK) at 4:30 am for a 5:40am flight. I figured I would check all my bags at curbside because I could tip them and they wouldn't break my balls about the Jet Blue policy. I WAS WRONG. The very second I got to the counter the very large lesbian woman asked immediately how many boards were in the bag. I confidently said 1. She said "you know I'm gonna have to check right?" At this point I pretty much have nothing to lose and said go right ahead. When she unzipped the bag and saw what looked like an Egyptian mummy she started grabbing at the sides and yelling "it doesn't feel like 1 board" So I calmly said the board is in the middle sandwiched by two blanks that weren't surfboards yet. She then became enraged and told me she surfs and knows what surfboards look and feel like. This is when I got angry not because of the bags but because there was no way that this fat piece of sh#t surfs. Some shouting ensued and she refused to take any of the bags and said I had to go to Jet Blue and deal with them. So I grabbed everything went inside to the Jet Blue check in counter the guy at the counter asked me what was in the bag I told him a cello and he slapped a tag on it and didn't charge extra or even question. My boards arrived here with no damage and best of all I didn't get tasered at any point.

Sorry this is kinda long but hope it helps someone in the future. (that's what she said)