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    Ladies Surf and Yoga adventure

    Thought I would share this with the swellinfo community. A couple of awesome women from my neighborhood are running a yoga/surf trip for ladies in Costa Rica in June. Could be fun for some of the female swellinfo members or some of the guys might want to treat their lady friends! Check it:

    Happy New Year

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    I'm in. Put me down for the pescatarian package.

    Wait...this is only for women? Is that legal to discriminate males away from your surf-yoga-wahine club?

    I'm going and I'm bringing Shorty, Juliap, and BubbleToes with me. leethestud, you down for this too? I know you are.

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    "Pescatarian"? Fish eaters.

    I started doing some yoga a little over a month ago in hopes of alleviating my flexibility issues that surfing tends to aggravate. I get raised eyebrows when I tell people that I'm giving yoga a try, but what the heck. After years of lifting weights (which probably didn't help my flexibility) and running, I'm open to trying something different. I will not grow a pony tail.

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    you cats are funny. get a wig spicolli and no one will know ha ha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    ditto - my New Year's resolution is to create the habit of a daily stretching routine. have started to feel some flexibility limitations in my legs and knees in the last year. had done some yoga a few years ago but i've had spinal fusion and yoga sessions left me feeling worse, not better. my stretching routine prolly has some yoga moves, but i don't have to wear leotards.

    i've been trying to find plans or a how-to to build one of these:

    Planet Fitness has one of these but i'd love to have something like it in my home gym.
    Tai chi might help your issues with leg flexibility without stressing your spine. Done properly, the spine is usually upright in most postures. Your head is attached to the sky by a beam of healing light (tai chi is an internal art generated through mind), thus by being suspended from above, you can not fall and all your joints feel more loose and comfortable. Lower back belongs to water and cooperates with earth, so base of spine naturally lengthens and spine becomes stronger and healthy very gently and gradually. Good luck in your search.

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    Can I be a lady too?
    I'm taking a class with my mother on Friday evening.
    There is absolutely no shame in caring for your body while attempting to feel and surf better. There are plenty of Yoga practitioners charging Pipe and similar waves of consequence, so there is no need to feel emasculated for doing it, or for wanting to give it a try.

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    Yoga practitioners LOVE to charge pipe.

    I'm kidding, yoga is cool. The wife loves it, and I'm pretty sure before too long I'll give it a go. Gots ta stay limbah.

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    Doug has a point here. I've started going to Bikram yoga and do like it. What are your policies on dudes, can we go on your surf namaste party trip? If not, is that legal or is it discrimination? Pretty sure if we tried to make a male only (why would we?!) club that you'd have our arses in Supreme Court. What if we bring our surf banner? Then everyone is guaranteed to have more fun.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ukelelesurf View Post
    you cats are funny. get a wig spicolli and no one will know ha ha!
    Is it a Bud Light commercial when the dudes dress up for Ladies Night in wigs just to get deals on beers? It's from a while ago but so classic. Brah, do you need a wig to borrow? We've got blonde, brunette, punk, permed, Afro, and skunk.

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    Yoga is great.Anyone who tries to make fun of it is probably the same type of slob who thinks its gay to eat salads. I first started practicing because I was trying to get into Scout Sniper school and I was told that most of the top snipers in the Marine Corps practice.