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  1. I worked with a girl this summer who studied both in India, she taught me a few meditation practices that were pretty awesome... Definitely helped me through the tough weeks dealing with heroin addicts in the wilderness. Haven't practiced much in the past few weeks but I am looking to get back into it. Meditation is a stress reliever that works better than beer.

    I suck at yoga, ive practiced a bunch with my girlfriend and fail miserably, something to focus on more this next year I guess

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    Braddahs, I'll have you know that this thread pushed me to do a hot yoga class for the first time ever tonight. Wow. I was stoked. Sweating profusely when I'd just charged waves for 3hrs and errantly wore the 5/4 in 55 degree air. My piss was dark yellow after the surf sesh and I barely had time to pound a coconut water and 32oz water before class. Got through it pretty well although mad lightheaded halfway through from the low fluids. Pounded a few more liters during the class. Thermostat said 108 and one of the peeps said that's the hottest they've ever felt the room.

    Thanks braddahs. I'm stoked on it and feel it's a strong addition to the life regimen. Just not after sweating for 3 hrs prior surfing.

    Doug, how many sessions of yoga do I reach enlightenment after?

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    jackrichard's long lost brah from anotha ma!!!!

    So JackAlbertson, are you a traveling yogi ready to go meet any SI forum member at their home break? That's admirable bro, that you're flying a banner for your traveling yoga biz. Nabrahste!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by 34thStreetSurfing View Post
    I've always been kinda interested in taking...LSD
    Just go straight to the source compadre.

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    Thanks god for yoga pants

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