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    It's good to be alive

    Early AM a not long ago. It was the first time this winter that I was fully suited, being 4/3, booties, gloves and detachable hood. It was so nightly dark and I was alone on a overhead morning. That's about when I saw the most beautiful black mountain closing in on me, so I scratched with all my might for deeper water. For me it was the best wave I've seen all year. As it started to crest I had that choice, to duck dive or spin 180 and go for it. I couldn't let it go I had to try. It didn't even take a heartbeat until the realization of my late timing. Slam down I go. Not sure what everybody else does underwater. I myself go into fetal position, knees to the chest to protect my belly from underwater objects knocking the wind out, hands around skull. This is how I stay until I feel the leash pull on my foot. Then I will spread arms, legs out like a sea anchor until the pull stops. Then I will often open me eyes and swim towards the light. This is when things got interesting, there was no light! It was to early for any light. I was in dark water not knowing what was up or what was down. Just relax I've got on my 4/3 and I'll just float on up. Wow it's taking to long. I can't even fell the air with gloves on. I was lost and need to breath bad. I couldn't hold it any longer exhaled!! I inhaled expecting water. No water or air was found? What happened? Detachable hood pulled over my face, flopping around on the surface blind and lame but alive. ..

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    patgeds22, read THIS and then tell me SI doesn't keep it real.


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    guess im dumb, no recognition

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    Read this dude's uncloaked post until you get it. Or go on living in single-finned darkness.

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    guess i don't see the deeper meaning..also going to call emass out as a fraud
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    Let's hear it bro, tell us all about the fraudulence.

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    just ****ing with you. not worth it. i just think you read to many forum posts to actually experience what your writing. but i guess you could just be obsessed with the forum, which explains the recovering dopeheads support as i assume you were once an obsessive dopehead?
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    Bro, you really need to heal yourself by reading the dude's post til you understand it. It's clear that the place you mentally reside is so nightly dark it makes you feel alone on a overhead morning. He's telling you not to duck dive what you fear and instead spin 180 and go for it. Listen to the man.

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    fair enough

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    I agree with emass this story sounds deeper