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You don't think there is money to be lost in killing 100k+ of your own citizens? Everything that has happened in the last 50+ years is labeled as a conspiracy by the fear mongers. Every single thing. Sorry, while I know the government lies about a lot of things, I have a hard time buying into their involvement in every tragic event. The government I know is poorly organized and downright awful at keeping secrets.
brewengineer, can you please have a happy day for once? You'll feel better going til sundown without looking over your shoulder. Take a leap of faith now and then. If you charge HH+ waves, one of these days you're not gonna be able to bottom turn because when you hit the trough you'll be sucked up into heaven like in This Is The End. Just don't pull a James Franco and flip off Chuck and Roy on the way up because then you'll get your arse eaten by Channing Tatum. "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

On the reel brah, have a great day, for once. Pretend it's the day you got back from Germany again and this time you're welcomed by a harem of wahines and non-stop drainers at your home break. Do it.