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    Post board suggestions....?

    I'm looking for a board shaped like the lost lay z boy or bottom feeder. Those kinds of boards that would be able to surf weak waves and ones knee-stomach high. I would also like to use it as a travel board so should be able to take all sorts of conditions. Any good suggestions? I'm willing to spend around $450 used or new i don't care. I've been looking into this for a bit and I want to make sure I'm happy with whatever choice I make and have seen all the different options, maybe a few I've missed.

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    Take that $450 and do the following with it:
    1) Keep an eye out for great prices on round-trip airfare to SoCal for $250-300. They're around quite frequently.
    2) Go on Craigslist San Diego and OC and find a dope board for $100-150. There's 10 pages of dirt cheap sticks in great condition in the flooded market there. So many boards good for the East Coast are available there.
    3) Set up a sale for your board of choice for the day you get out there. Ride the balls off it and shott as many barrells as you can. Try to get up to Honeyton Pier.
    4) Return home to your awful state with this board that you now have a history with and emotional attachment to.
    5) Have all your Jerz brahs ogle your board that you got plus a SoCal trip for less than they paid for their commersh board.

    I do this every month and a half, minus the return to the Garbage State.

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    you said "shaped like", but fwiw, I didn't like the bottom feeder much - not much rocker for the steeper stuff and not much glide in knee high. If you do get a BF, be sure to get the right size...get it smaller than you think you need or it'll be a boat (use the "guild factor"/volume calc on the lost site)

    The layzboy is a much better all arounder - it's more foiled out (thinner) and has more rocker. You can get this one a couple inches longer than a BF.

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    i agree with emass. i'm leaving for SoCal tomorrow and will be there till April or May. the selection out there on craigslist and in local shops is insane. i found a 5'8" lost motivator in perfect condition for $240 that i'm picking up sometime Wednesday and the guy was nice enough to hold it for me.

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