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  1. I usually bring two shortboards. One goveler and one bigger step up. I have a funshape, but its not that fun, so its rare I paddle . I tend to favor one board and will paddle it out before anything else, then switch it up if it ain't working out. I try to keep surfing simple.

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    I do I always want to get the best out of all my sessions

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    So, uh, hang on a sec.....

    How friggin tough is it / how much swell-judging ability does you have to pile three or four boards in your car & drive over to the beach to poseur, er, surf?
    Answer: not at all, very.

    Herewith, and ergo, my question: is the OP asking do you take a board that fits the conditions of the surf when you travel to surf? Like, on an airplane travel to surf? Or is it when you can run back home & swap boards because you ain't catching jack shiiiiite?

    I ain't hatin'.....I'm jes' SAYIN. Put up or remain silencio, all you shreddah studhorses who live directly on the ocean, surf every peak & have a quiver of 6' nothings or less.

    Yeah....what I thought.
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    Brah of course you gotta pack the whip with a sesh quiver and no you cannot expect to drive a few miles and back to grab another and not have nature skunk your sesh.

    We just wanna know...does the Nissan GT have racks for a half dozen on top?

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    I pack every board, every suit, every glove, every boot.
    Every time, regardless of the conditions.

    I have a board backpack so I can switch boards and wetsuits while riding a wave.
    Sometimes I take off on two shortboards, get barreled, do a 720 japan air, land, then as I'm bottom turning, I'll switch to the soft top, pull back into the tube and do a headstand/nose ride / barrel, while changing my booties.
    I also prefer to swap suits in the tube so I don't scare people with my pink dragon.

    I highly recommend riding three boards at once; one board per foot, one front and center for your hands. You'll get so pitted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    I ain't hatin'.....I'm jes' SAYIN. .
    While rcarter is off to a very strong start for 2014 HOTY, this disclaimer adds a sugar coating to yankee's vitriol, which in my opinion, brings a whole new dynamic to the art of hating. This will be a close race, keep up the good work boys.