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    Mar 2013
    North Cackalacky
    EVen when its pumping hurricane swell, it can be heavy, but never OBX heavy.

    And waverly is right, wb blows. Hot chicas but the guys are generally hipster flippy hair jackoffs that seem to think they own wb. CB all the way

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    Nov 2013
    East Coast
    Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach are in the “OK” range. The OBX does cut quite a bit of the swell off. It is a little better than Atlantic Beach to it’s North – but not some of AB’s neighboring local spots. I’ll refrain from calling them secrets. If you have time and a 4x4, check out Core Banks, awesome time and waves. It extends from Ocracoke to the southern tip of Cape Lookout. Carolina Beach is decent because there is a lot less crowd. At least when I've been there.