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    Kala v Tom Dosland

    i heard TD dropped in on Kala and Kala pimped slapped (see:beat him down)

    anyone have the story?

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    That's funny if it's true, because Kala slapped Wardo a while back for dropping in on Dosland

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    yea i saw it on a Stab forum and there was a thread on surfermag about it but i can't find the OP

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    Video or it didn't happen! Kala seems like a roided out douche monger.

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    i really don't get that vibe that those hawaiins throw out there. they're just like every other loser that fights MMA and thinks they're some sort of alpha dog when in reality they're doing it to compensate for a small pecker.

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    NJShredmachine would slap Kala for not slapping someone hard enough.