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    Wetsuit for sale

    Hey guys,

    I bought a 5/4 RipCurl Flashbomb suit for this winter and I've worn it 3 times. It's size Medium Tall (MT). I am 6'0" but have pretty long arms with a wingspan around 6'5" so the sleeves are just a little short when I wear gloves. Other than that, it's the warmest suit I've ever owned. Anyone interested in buying it? $460 was the original price. I'll sell for around $360. Can be seen at Wave Works Surf Shop in Virginia Beach. Anyone want?
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    Wetty threads (for sale) are still outlawed in SI in 2014.

    brew, you wanna report something? Report this kookery.

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    Sorry dude, I'm new to this. Where exactly is that rule stated? And I wouldn't go around calling people kooks when they're perfectly legit...

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    Ignore him. He sits in front of a mirror and watches himself type.