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Thread: This weekend

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    the classic "swellinfo jynx club" here to jynx what might be an epic day of guessing by Saturday the forecast for sunday will be 2-3ft.i hate weekend swells,that only means weekend crowds.youll have 2-3 guys who can actually surf,20 groms trying to surf,15 classic old guys on longboards and sups,and another 30 that sit there as buoys.while there will be 1000 sandbars breaking perfect with nobody out,just wait for the pics come Monday and youll see classic deal and Manasquan inlet, with 50 guys out.

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    cep you should rep out your Fitzpedo technique to solve all those dilemmas.

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    No good... Way too cold to surf

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    conditions? anyone on here!!! someone tell me the exact conditions right now! for sunday at my beach! TELL ME NOW! THE CONDITIONS

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    Bi-stater, I'm contemplating going 3/2 on Sunday in 55F air.

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    Do it... I'll be wearing a 4/3 and will be fine I think

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    I was sweating balls in the 5/4 on Monday in the 50s air. As soon as I took the hood off I had to duck dive 6 plus sets that came in without hesitation naturally. Chilled the dome and I got a bit of washout which goes all the way to the boots since the Drylock is so on point and fits so well. Thinking about the 3/2 with hooded vest and 5 on hands and 7 on the feet. If I have to scratch as much as I did two days ago I'll be fine, and I'm sure I will.

    Did this just turn into a wetty thread AND a n/S thread?

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    Friday and Sunday are looking like the call here. Few hours before High tide both days. Sunday should be plenty clean. Friday should be manageable.

    One thing I will say about Swellinfo, the AM wind forecasts are almost always wrong, but in a good way. Most windswells we get read 15-20MPH north or south winds on it, but I will be damned if 19 out of 20 times its light to dead wind. Only a couple days all year truly had the crazy sideshores that were projected...

    So in a nutshell, Its looking like Friday, Sat and Sunday are a must surf down here. Air temps back in the high 60s and low 70s... yup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    Oh, and this weekend is gonna be blown out to $hit.
    Not sunday!

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    If you're going to surf, please keep it to yourself.