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    surfers vs. navy = no more Trestles.

    The Navy wants to use the Land how they see fit. AKA destroy wildlife, hurry. "F*cka you dolphin"

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    More of the same. This has been a battle for decades. The only issue is the toll road. That already got shot down. Trestles is also on San Diego County soil, which most people never mention. San Clemente claims ownership of the world renowned surf break, but it is actually in SD, not in the OC. I have no problem with our US Navy continuing to use the ocean to run drills etc, like they always have. All surfing aside, I do have a problem with preventing our military from using it. I don't care if its a landmark or a state park. That is a stretch. Its just a ridiculous wave, which in the grand scheme of things isn't going to affect the price of tea in China...

    Im not a lawyer, but if the miltary could allow public access, in WRITING, it would also prevent any toll roads or anything from developing over the rivermouth, which creates the wave.... I think if the Navy re-claims ownership, but allows public access like they always have, there are no worries....

    The only thing that threatens the area is the OC to SD toll roads of I5 expansions. Traffic is a nightmare there, but that is life. Its an over populated area that had always put roads and development on the back burner. No one in San Diego wants any more folks from Orange County having an easy commute down into their economy and vica versa. So if you life in Oceanside of Del Mar and took a job in Irvine, that is your fault and your problem.... Deal with the traffic or get more involved in your local economy.

    Trestles isn't going anywhere. This is just more BS. The navy has always been polite about the access. The horror stories about guys sneaking out there and having problems ended decades ago....

    Trestles is just a damn buzz word out there. A bunch of guys who don't surf and drive Honda Elements have always rocked the "SAVE TRESTLES" bumper stickers and tee-shirts.... Makes you feel like you care or something. Getting old.....

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    Trestles is always in trouble.

    Vote Rcarter in 2014 Because if we all work together we can all hate everybody.