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    Quote Originally Posted by tlokein View Post
    This gets my vote for worst ever...just reading it makes me want to curl up in a fetal position.
    I wholeheartedly agree. gnargnar wins for his 2nd and 3rd paragraphs.

    Lots of head lacerations here. Ya know, there's a reason why Roy sports his spaceman helmet. Maybe we should all buy them and start a new trend.

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    Good call, Mad Atom...def will do.

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    This past Sunday I went over the falls and in the ensuing tumble my foot made some forceful contact with a fin somehow knocking it out of the board and giving me some nice flesh wounds.
    My Foot2 2014.01.05.JPG
    As much as it was bleeding I figured I'd need some stitches and sh!t but it wasn't as bad as it seemed at first. Ended my sesh though. Small potatoes compared to some of the other stories here. Only been surfing (on a board) for about a year so that's the best I got so far. Now that it has stopped oozing I'm gonna try to get out today or tomorrow with a neoprene fin sock on to keep it covered. Dunno how that'll work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Atom View Post
    Lots of head lacerations here. Ya know, there's a reason why Roy sports his spaceman helmet. Maybe we should all buy them and start a new trend.
    Not to mention that a helmet makes a fine attachment point for your surfing banner. Banners always make things more fun! Needless I say more...

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    dude I can't even take thinking about these incidents of fins attacking manhood

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    Ex and I went to Hawaii to stay with her dad for a couple weeks. He gave me his truck to explore for surf. I found this nice little break near a boat ramp. Only 1 local girl and me. She's only taking rights, but the lefts look way better. (I've recently gotten LASIK, but when I was there, w/out my specs, I'm blind as a bat.)
    So I take off on my first wave and go left, it's bout shoulder hi. As soon as I get to the bottom, board just stops, and I fly straight on top of the reef. All I could do was hold on to the top of the reef, while 3-4 more waves broke on top of me.
    Board was totaled, and I was a bloody mess.
    That was my first and last time surfing a reef.

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    Had an injury, then I went to Belmar, NJ and my wounds miraculously could say that the water in Belmar is Grail water!

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    split face open on nose of board, chics dig scars so its ok

    shredded ACL on point panic stairs on May 17 2013- still recovering but I am in the water, Not as nimble as I was, but I look forward to 'relearning' a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChavezYChavez View Post
    Feet meeting Puerto Rican Urchins
    Second that.. those things are not pleasant. I have since adopted booties on my PR trips. They look dumb as **** when trunking it, but whatevs.

  10. One- kicked out of a shoulder high left, wind caught board and the rail chopped me hard in the throat. Throat locked up (couldn't breath in or out), proceeded to take rest of set without being able to get air. Almost drowned, still don't know how I made it in. Barfed on beach with gawkers gawking (as there was no visible wound, I just looked like I was stroking out for no reason).

    Two- Took a very large purple man o war to the chest (stupidly paddled right into it on a paddle out in the impact zone). Tentacles wrapped all around me and as the fire hit me I tried grabbing the thing frantically trying to get it off me. Spread tentacles to my hands arms and face. Went into shock by the time I hit the beach, beach patrol took me to the hospital.

    Three - Ran over on purpose by older local on a big single fin LB. Caught my heel on my duck dive, trip to hospital with 30 stitches inside and out.

    All happened in the 80's, all happened at the Ormond Beach pier (back when it was still there and the middle section was missing).

    Good times.
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