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    Maui is a great island. So much to do and see. Definitely get up to Honolua Bay while you're there and the road to Hana if you've got the time. Both are fantastic areas even if the waves aren't great.

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    Right on, man. I walk out of work every single afternoon and I'm shocked with how damn nice the weather is. Enjoy Maui, everyone I talk to mentions that as their favorite island.

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    Mbritta, this is paradise to me hahaha. It was cold yesterday only because I did a hike at the top of Haleakala. 79 in the valley while it was 45 at the summit. That was so crazy to me but it was an incredible view. I wish I was here on a surf trip but I'm here for class during my winter break. I also wish I could get to Oahu but alas I cant. It's killing me when I am 80 miles from Oahu and the north shore and there ain't a damn thing I can do about it.

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    where you staying? I live on maui. How long you here?

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    theres something you can do about it. sneak away and catch a boat then hang low for a little soon youll be forgotten about

  5. If you want to surf some of the sickest surf of your life, do yourself a favor, go find Honomanu Bay, today, specifically. Its looking to be upwards of double overhead. Honomanu is on the North Shore past Paia and Hookipa up towards Kaenae, and it is a sick point break right coming off a cliff in a valley with a perfect ring style beach. Everyone else will be all crowding out Hookipa and Paia Bay, but there will be hardly anyone at Honomanu, and the wave their is beyond epic. If not there definitely try to hit up some of the spots around and including Honoloa, today. Its supposed to be glassy and 2ft. overhead, but be warned, it is Sunday so everywhere will be crowded. That's why I'm suggesting Honomanu. Enjoy! ...but then again, it is Sunday, and the drum circle at Little Beach and all the naked hippie girls will be a poppin'! Shootz cuz, do it all, its a small island. Have fun, and don't get beat up.

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    Dont listen to that guy! ^ it is not double overhead...

    thisguysthumbs may wanna check the bouys vs surfline or what not. There is a bit of ENE windswell 8ft @ 8-10s. So you may find decent surf towards hana. But the bay will most likely be flat, and he is right that its a sunday so everybody will be out.

    Little beach is a gay beach everyday other than sunday, and dont think they all leave for the drum circle on sundays. Nope they just take some shrooms and swing their d!icks around. THere are a few hippie chicks hula hoopin and poi dancing, but thats about it. Its a tourist scene nowadays anyhow.

    But hey have fun!