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    Costa Rica Surf Trip Advice

    I am going down to CR during feb. break. Unfortunately i am taking 2 different planes so It would cost too much to bring my board with me. (I am taking TACA airlines) I am an intermediate surfer and the first day i will be at Hermosa and work my way down the coast until i reach Manuel Antonio. I just need some advice on what to bring and how hard it is to rent a board and what kind of board should i rent? I usually surf a 5'11 Fred Rubble but should i rent a board with a little more volume to accommodate to all the waves down there Also what to expect while I'm down there. This will be my first surf trip.

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    bring condoms a straw and a picture to keep you warm at night of me in a trip overhead belmar barrel. you'll be able to find what ever shape you want down there. they might charge you between 5-20 a day depending on the place. down there is no doubt a good place to try new boards and new shapes. gods speed harrison, shred like you have never shreded before. you will come back and make all your friends jelly with those 360s in the airs you'll be pulling off on a 10,0 lb. god bless


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    unless you live in Cali or the Guff coast, 2 planes is the norm. My first time, I took Delta to Miami Lacsa to SJO(buddy got the tickets). I had to transfer the luggage myself.

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    bring wax, go south and renting a board is usually pretty easy and cheap wherever you end up, conditions of the boards vary greatly between shops... i struck out in CR, but good luck

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    Can someone tell Swell Info admin brah that the search tab is out of service? Because if it weren't, there's no way mad posters would be starting new threads on the most common topics.

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    Are you taking connecting flights or staying somewhere for a period of time in the middle.
    Once you check your bags you should be set and not have to pay again.

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    Travel a lot to Costa, and here are a few tips.

    Taking several flights, especially with the same airline, does not double your board bag fees. So don't let that deter you from bringing your own board.

    If you are traveling every day, it will be hard to rent a board, as you can't take it with you. And once you head south from Tamarindo, the quality of board rentals drops massively.

    You need two boards. Your normal HPSB, and a step up. Even the small days down there don't require a groveler type of board. the swells are powerful, no matter the size. I typically bring 2 of each in case one breaks, but you can get away with one of each.

    Have respect down there. Make sure you get it in the morning, the offshores usually end around 10 or 11 am. Get it real early to avoid crowds.

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    What is the cheapest, safest way to get from SJO to playa Hermosa. I know the bus is the cheapest but has anyone carried a board bag on a bus down there?

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    I have a place and Jaco and have done the trip a hundred times...even though I have a variety of boards in CR, my friends who travel down there don't. You could rent a NSP board but don't waste your time. If your going to Hermosa, stop at one of the 50 surf shops in Jaco and buy a good used board. You can find a decent board for under $250. Use it the length of your trip and before you leave, sell back to a different surf shop. My amigos have done this several times and it's actually cheper than taking a board on the plane.

    As far as a transfer from the airport to Hermosa, bus is the cheapest by far. Cab is gonna cost you between $60 and $90 depending on your haggling skills. Fancy ac mini bus transfer...$100 to $125.

    Buses love board bags....the fit nicely underneath with luggage piled on top!

    Pura Vida amigo!
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    I'm in Costa Rica right now I'm in the Punta Blanco area and it's sick. Loving everything I've seen so far