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    Celebrating my 600th post!

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    Since it's Sunday, it's only fitting:

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    Martin garrix (animal)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    all the jack johnson stuff sounds the same to me...

    my older son just turned me onto this nicely produced melody:

    btw, lyrics are NSFW
    Not sure what you just had us watch breh. But it was entertaining. Dude looked like he was landing more tail when Lebowskian rather than after his few trips to the spa in between the odd streetball sesh. Thought wahine with the pickles (or jalapeños?) was in the bag but they can be slippery sometimes. By the end he was thinking eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

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    Not exactly new but may be new to some of you peeps.

    Love the lyrics. Makes me think of surfing every time.

    And presidents
    And billionaires
    And generals
    They'll never know
    They'll never know
    What I have owned!
    What I have owned...
    I am a Wanderlust King!
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