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    Night surfing stories. Share em!

    Since it looks like a night session will be going down tomorrow night its time to open this discussion. Have you ever had a night session?

    One night in the beginning of December it was high tide right when the sun was dropping, we pulled the truck onto the beach and just shined the headlights on the shore break until around 6:30 (sun went down at 5). Just me and a friend. Ive had a few more night surfing experiences, some scary, some amazing.
    Share yours.

    And enjoy me returning sexual favors to this sign.

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    Moonlight surf during full moon, with friends & family here in northern New England, July 2011 & 2012. Beach party, bonfire, food, beer/wine, stories. Waves showed up, moonlight made it surreal. Great time had by all ages. About a dozen of us were out, with many more on the shore.