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Thread: flat spellll

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    flat spellll

    im dieing here in long island its been flattttt for like the past 2 weeks, i guess summer has made its arrival PRAYING FOR SURFFFFFF

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    I agree

    I have been prayin for surf for too long now. Where are the waves

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    if it's flat, that doesn't meen you can't go out and paddle, every time you paddle out your stroke gets stronger, and some times it's still all about getting wet.

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    Welcome to Long Island!

    Time to roll out on your LB or fattest fish for the ankle slappers and have a little soul session until something from the tropics blows our way.

    I take out my thickest KB or fish on super small/flat days and either just paddle or catch what I can. If nothing else, you'll work on your tan and stroke and there's *always* someone else out there to chat with.

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