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    Bradley Cove, Asbury Park

    This is for the Monmouth County NJ crowd...

    I picked up a copy of the TriCity News and found an article regarding turning the undeveloped land at the northern Asbury Park border into a county park. From reading the article it sounds like an uphill battle but I think we could all benefit from less beachfront condos.

    I'm busy getting fat and swinging a hammer rather than surfing and lurking these forums so please be easy on me if this topic's been kicked around a bit already.

    Is there any active surfrider members on here? Is there any position from them on this issue?

    Also, I'm politically stupid so how is county government structured? How would somebody know the right elected official to badger about a county issue? I guess the director of parks and recreation or whatever but do we have districts in the county or anything?

    I'll check back later to see if there's interest in this... Forecast looks good though, have fun guys.

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    its not just that we could do without another beach condo/high rise. The reality is that the small parcel of land in question is the only spot bigger than a quarter acre on the water that isn't paved and/or roped off between Sandy Hook and Cape May. Its literally the last stand against the rampant overdevelopment thats made the state of Jersey that much more of an expensive, overcrowded, flood-prone ****ty place to live. Its unthinkable to me that any resident of Monmouth County would not back keeping that land open space.

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    I think that that would be really cool.
    Also there is a surf spot there that can get pretty good

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    contact these dudes and have a game plan on how this parcel of land is a benefit to the community as a park and be kind. Tell them your ideas and draw something up then ask to be put on the next county commissioners agenda so you can demonstrate your ideas. Oh and one more thing , bring lots of support.

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    building more.....very typical

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    I know I've seen go pro footage on here with that location so I thought this might interest someone.

    I don't know the exact boundaries of the property but the article indicated it's owned by iStar Financial and looking at the photo with the article, I think i'm looking at the dirt lot we all park in...

    If that's the case the county wouldn't even have to develop a park out of it for it to give back to the community. It's already paying dividends but we won't know what we've got 'til it's gone.

    I'll try to attach a photo of the photo.


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