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    Every spot you named was crowded last sunday and will be every weekend swell thanks to technology and surfing being in every ****in commercial on t.v. So I can care less how much you blow up blown up spots. But don't go faking the funk like your some revolutionary. First you were enlightening everyone now your rebelling against "surf rules". 30+ years and now you're a rebel? Or are you not able to keep up with the increasing amount of people who can take off closer to the rocks?

    Im sure its hard getting old and watching younger generations out surf you and bang your wife because you can't perform well anymore..anywhere. But don't be fake, your not from OG and your not teaching anybody anything, but how nOT to act. You know you surf Belmar and you're bitter about the #Belmar thing. But guess what? #everyonecanseeita_sshole.

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    i'm putting "faking the funk" on a t-shirt. thank you for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItStop View Post
    dont drink clear rum after labor ay, gotta drink the dark stuff

    and surfing is about exploring, if you tell people what sandbars are firing you are RUINING their sense of exploration, and RUINING it for the people that check block after block and sandbar after sandbar to find the best set up. You are spoonfeeding KOOKS info that BROS took time to find out.

    finding out for yourself is a great way to learn, so not only have you robbed people of the learning experience, you are likely sending kooks to places that have established lineup hierarchies. you dont believe in them, that is fine (just dont surf Hawaii). The lineup is one of the last places where money and physical strength have no merit. its all about reputation and time you put in there. but thanks for making it like disneyland or golf.

    no matter how you spin it and justify it, you are a kook
    ok thanks.

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    you are Welcome KOOK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihatelongboarders View Post
    that's kind of weird but ok:

    Mike Stanley
    902 Heck Ave Apt 2A
    Ocean Grove NJ 07756

    The only inaccurate spot info that you've posted is your own alleged address. If I surfed NJ, I'd be a bit perturbed about the pics & spots that you've dumped on this Forum. Just my 2 centavos.

    btw, I think Spicoli may give you the nod for "Most Despised SI Forum Poster 2014"......just an observation, mang.

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    gotta leave some mystery right?

    md-va? i'm sure we can do a spot guide down there if only to keep the wyld lyfe guys on their toes.

    most despised or most forward thinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihatelongboarders View Post
    yea this is my goal basically. open it up and let people know that there are good spots out there.
    Why do you want any more people surfing at your spots?

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    Again. Nobody asked for your help. If someone asked for your help then fine, but you're just trolling for fun and winning.

    Quote Originally Posted by ihatelongboarders View Post
    it's a scumbag move because i told people where waves break? i don't consider "locals" a problem, heck i'm a local. what i have issue with is the "secret spot" mentality or the "you're not supposed to surf here" mentality. i organized a bunch of info on the internet already into a centralized and easily understandable medium.

    i don't understand the "but you're not supposed to tell them" argument from everyone. that is some silly rule like not wearing white after labor day.

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    and you need to travel a bit if you think that there's that many "world class" breaks in Jersey

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    just because they know where to go doesn't mean they're going to get in the way.