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    The definitive spot guide - every place you wanted to surf in monmouth county

    Jenks - while not really monmouth county, its just over the bridge. located in point pleasant, it's the first beach next to the manasquan inlet. This place is super easy to get to a has TONS of parking. literally, there's a huge lot right there. gets good on all swell directions and actually works best with combo swells. (wedge city!)

    Manasquan Inlet - Last beach in monmouth county and the only point break besides sandy hook. gets really good on south swells and has turned into herself of 20 years ago latley with the beach replenishment. good amount of parking too.

    Sea Girt - handful of spots that could work on the right swell but mostly, just skip it.

    Spring Lake - SL has one of the longer stretches of beach in moco and has a few good spots. The big pipe is between SL and sea girt. Theres a great parking lot at the end of ocean ave in SL. park there walk down and you'll see it on your left. lots of kids think this place is sick. further down you go there's E&S (the huge senior place on ocean ave) that gets pretty good. Washington Ave is where all the old dudes on logs go to relieve the summer of 62' and north end pavilion can get good too.

    Belmar - you dudes already know the deal

    Avon - L JETTTTTY - seriously if its a south swell and you're not at the L Jetty something is wrong with you. tons of parking on the street and a pretty easy paddle too!

    Bradley Beach - 1st-5th has its moments but it's the beach right after that where you can find a few good sandbars.

    OG - pier is dead. there's still a sand bar or two around but this place is for the birds

    Asbury Park - handful of sand bars that'll break when it's firing but overall it's pretty mushy and gutless

    Loch Arbor - for some reason a crew of old dudes think this place is the east coast malibu, it's not but you should totally go check it out the next time there are waves. TONS of parking.

    Deal - Phillips ave, Rosevelt Ave, and whitehall ave all have there moments. long jettys catch angled swell and can occasionally throw you some longer waves

    West End, Long Branch - you know the spot, where the mister softee and windmill is. yea dudes right there!! it gets sick at the pit. there is a ton of parking around there too.

    Monmouth Beach - Cottage Rd ya'll! drive up ocean ave, pass the beach club on the right and boom cottage ave! this is the spot all the \"super cool dude bodyboard bros\" love to ride when it's big. not much in the way of parking so get there early and let the other dudes figure it out.

    Sandy Hook - THE COVE! when you have a good south swell there is no where else you want to go. place peels for days and is just what the dr ordered for regular footers everywhere.
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    with this new guide im driving straight to jersey right now. im going to burn everyone thanks burhhhh.


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    Yep... that's pretty much it... the exhaustive list of MoCo surf spots. Perfecto...

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    West end

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    Thanks (filling characters)

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    Wow that's my spot- Belmar,NJ!!!

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    wanking on water - i would love to meet you. let's get a beer.
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    Monmouth County should print this informative cheat sheet and hand this out to everyone that purchases a beach badge this summer....great work! Can you make up one for Ocean Co?

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    I don't venture south of point very often for fear of the bricktucky super aids or the piney plague but maybe someone else from down that way could provide info.

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    lol Im just curious as to why you posted this map?