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    Quote Originally Posted by macgregorsmith View Post
    Surfed with this guy and his crazy son many a times. Without going into detail, I cant stand these guys. They think they are so entitled to whatever spot they end up at on any given day. I have had words with both him and his son. They can be tolerated in moderate doses, but the sheer douchiness of them makes my skin crawl. It makes me feel bad that they represent us as surfers when the rest of us are not around to testify against it. I have read Ralph's blog from time to time, but its pretty annoying. His intentions are right, but he pretty damn arrogant. There are so many of us who get along out there, why toss these guys who get agro about waist high waves into the mix. We all want waves, but get over yourself. N.O.Y.A.
    Ya, he was a pretty surly and cranky fellow hence why we called him Old Man Hampton lol. I would usually avoid him unless the only place breaking was the wall. I agree his blog is a little pretentious and douchy, but his pic of the week is always pretty cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viajerodevida View Post
    There was a guy on here from somewhere in the mid-atlantic who was surfing every day for a year. Did he make it?

    This is easier to do in consistent waves when you're on the right coast of course. Well... the right coast is the wrong coast and the left coast is the right coast.
    So right is left and wrong is right.

    Before I left the right (left) coast and moved to the right (wrong) coast I never managed more than 10 days in a row, which is pitiful. I knew guys who were going 70+ days, but that meant they were getting wet on the way to work or during lunch which I could never do. I'm also an addict so I was never able to hop in the water for two or three waves and then leave; once I'm wet I gotta stay a while. And my stats on the right (wrong) coast are worse. I've passed up righteous leftover rights for the right or wrong reason more than I care to admit, but I can see that if I somehow made it a month I'd go for 2 months. But 467 months?

    Today marks the 14 thousand and 14th consecutive day of surfing for Dale Webster. That's crazy impressive... and tens of thousands of ridden waves, 30+ wetsuits, 30+ boards, gallons of piss, pounds of wax, and apparently, lots of stoke.

    Here he is on January 1st, 2014 with his umpteenth Campbell Bros Bonzer pintail and magic brownies. Right on Dale!!! Hope you someday make it to the cover of Surfer mag.

    "Dale Would Go."
    people might consider this guy a kook,but his resume on the seas tell a different tale.

    frst off hes in north cali,home of cold water and great whites
    2nd,just imagine some of the biggest swells in a 14k days of surfing
    hes surfing epic waves,crappy waves,small waves,big waves etc..

    here on the eastcoast my record stands at 3 days.i don't surf everyday,not that we even have waves to surf everyday

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    Most recently 9 days straight around labor day. Some years ago 20 out of 25 days living at Chinco one September. Dale Rocks!! and yes he should be on the cover of all the surf mags. What great dedication and stoke!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewIfallalot View Post
    I don't know how you east coast guys do it.
    I really miss having consistent waves, but we have fewer surfers. Today wasn't very big here... 2-3 with the occasional chest high wave at some piss-poor period, but the conditions were superb. I paddled out into a sea of glass with two guys in the water. Two guys! Beat that!