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let me tell you guys something. I lived on east coast my whole life (NJ and NC) and surfed all the best breaks around there and a lot of them at their best day as well. Now i'm in hawaii.. and you realize how much of a freaking joke east coast surfing is. just sayin.
yea dude,a 2ft hawaiin swell is the eastcoast maxed out.if your a true surfer u want to go to hawaii atleast once.late january is the best time since most of the pros went back home after the triple crown.the pacific is a different animal.our epic doomsday swell is like the inside sandbar at pipe on a small decreasing swell.since im an eastcoaster,i dont even bother telling people i surf.they tend to laugh and say nj has no waves.we do get waves from time to time,but its always the same.u have to explore and get those big crazy barrels that last 1000 yards.

places id like to go,hawaii,western africa,south africa,indo,fiji,mexico.i was thinken bout moving to mexico,but im not attracted to mexican women so i decided to stay.the waves are epic,tons of secret spots,no crowds,small waves big waves,barrels,walls,etc.id like to move to portugal or spain,great waves and great women