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    Looking to buy a longboard surfboard

    I have been surfing for about two years now. I ride a 5'10 quad fin fish, but was looking to get a longboard so I can ride the smaller waves. I am 5'10 150lbs and i usually surf Smyrna and Cocoa area. Im not sure what to look for. I was thinking of something around 9 ft so I can nose ride but still be able to turn easy. Any advice on size, specs, tail and fin(s) would be awesome. Thanks

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    If you want to nose ride, here is what you need...

    A board at least 9'4. Mine is a 9'6". A concave in the nose. Flat nose rocker. High tail rocker, or a tail kick. I'd recommend a width of 23" (that is carried up into the nose). Mine is 3" thick. 50/50 rails in the front half of the board. As my board comes towards the tail, it is brought more and more in, and the rails get much sharper, all the way to whats called 80/20. I have a 9" fin with glass on side fins. The board turns on a dime when i'm on the back half, and I can sit up on the nose for what seems like eternity.

    I had it shaped for me 16 years ago when I was your exact size in HS, and now that I'm pushing 190 pounds, the boards still rides great. I'll have it for life. This past summer had it refurbished at Greenlight (who did a great job).

    It is a Bruce Jones Custom, and its a sad morning, as I just learned from Surfline that he passed away last night.

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    I rode shortboards only took about 3 years ago when I bought my first log. It's 9'0, 23 wide, 3 thick. If there's a bump in the water I can catch it with that board. I can ride the nose with it, turns real nice and easy. Ankle high to head high it's really fun. I got a tru ames california classic in there which really seemed to improve my turns (unless I just started surfing better, new fins have the same effect as colored wet suits).

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