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    Pushing religion on people is never a good idea! Religion is what tearing this society apart! How about live and let live and mind your own business, don't try and prove to me why your god is better! Okay, i'm done, see ya next month. LOL

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    Maybe it has something to do with you using this website as a vessel to repeatedly push Christianity on folks who don't necessarily agree with it.

    Personally, I don't feel the necessity to practice a specific religion to be a good person. My conscience does a good job keeping me in check, for the most part. To each, his own................but religions aren't very accepting of that concept, in turn becoming a vessel of dictation and control. Perhaps some people don't welcome dictation and control with open arms when it facilitates oppression.

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    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    how about option "E"...your horrible pun of a screen-name, pushing religion on a surf forum (or any forum, for that matter). religion is a private, personal matter. even if i shared the same beliefs as you, i'd find what you do offensive.

    put the shoe on the other would you feel if a guy started posting on here asking for support for a muslim surf camp or a jewish one? or any other doctrine of faith?

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    Well, I guess in one aspect, we all have brought God to surfing. I mean, we all have been in the impact zone and just before that set wave broke on our heads, thought, "Oh god". LMAO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailquik View Post
    When people try to convert other people to their religion, it implies that they think other's beliefs are wrong. That is the definition of arrogance.

    When religious types believe it is their mission in life to save others from eternal damnation, they are just trying to make themselves feel more important that they are. It is self-righteous.

    Trying to lure kids into hearing a sermon by offering them a fun outing is a bait and switch. It's dishonest. answer is: E) The self righteous arrogance and deceit of the whole "surfing" for Jesus idea.

    In case what I posted above doesn't compute, let me translate it to your language:

    Proverbs 20:11
    Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.

    Because your motivations are self serving, your work is not pure. Because you are utilizing a bait and switch technique, it is not right.

    Feel free to believe whatever you like, we have freedom of religion in this country, but I feel we should also have freedom FROM religion, so unless someone asks, you can keep the proselytizing to yourself.
    I would like to nominate sailquik's post above for the 2014 Swellies Post of the Year. It says everything that needs to be said without the bashing and name calling that surrounds this topic.

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    Wayne - I used to live across the street from Will Graham. The Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, heir apparent to the Graham ministries, maybe you've heard of him? He was a great neighbor and friend, and even though he knew I wasn't the most religious fellow out there not once did he ever try to convert me, preach to me, or otherwise badger me into accepting Jesus and going to Church. He was just a great neighbor and a friend. I have another neighbor who's a devout Christian, nicest guy in the world, give you the shirt off his back. He's never tried to convert me either. He walks the neighborhood every morning at 6am and always stops by our house and says a silent prayer. I appreciate that. He doesn't try to push his religion down my throat but still cares enough to say a prayer for us in his personal, silent way.

    You know what the difference between them and you is? They try to lead people into Christianity by example. You are trying to push, drag, badger, threaten, and mislead people into accepting Jesus. They demonstrate by their actions they are good people and if anyone is willing, they will gladly welcome them as Christians. But they don't try to force it down everyone's throats by any method they can. Your end results do not justify your actions. And not once have I ever felt like either Will or my other neighbor looked down on me or judged me b\c I don't believe what they do. I've seen plenty of stuff from you that's makes it pretty clear that you judge and look down on others that don't share your beliefs.

    If you truly are a Christian you need to rethink the what how and why of what you are doing. I don't find your actions very Christian at all.

    Signed, a heathen...

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    One of the most insulting assumptions you make Wayne, is that if there is a kind loving honest person who is giving and compassionate, but this person lives in an isolated village, and has never heard the Gospel, that person is damned to hell for eternity. Fu9k that **** brah!

    And quit preaching on a surf site. God bless you too, now shuffle off.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by sonfollowerssurf View Post
    It's cold and flat, but that will not stop Jesus/surfing/free surfboards/free surf camps on SI. Have a question...what is it that bothers the same people over and over about these posts? Just trying to get some ideas for 2014. I am not on this forum to annoy you. I get the same neg. feedback from the same people over, over ,over ,over >>>>>>>>>>>>>>over. FYI positive feedback is done through phone calls by the number I provided. In 2014 I would really like to see less vulgarity on these posts and more JESUS from all. Comprende!
    Let's see I told a guy I was going to drink and physically violate his mother... Good start to 2014?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItStop View Post
    Thanks MIS. Love the pic. It's true of course, I've talked with the man upstairs and he loves Slayer. \m/