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Thread: Stuff to Do

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    Stuff to Do

    What do you guys enjoy doing when you're not in the water? I have got into shaping handplanes and I love to skate but after awhile I want to change it up.

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    sea level
    coach soccer...

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    VA Beach
    Getting buzzed-out on codeine and listening to Black Sabbath.

    Just kidding. But one night a couple weeks ago I had a cough for days that would not go way. Took some Tylenol with codeine and actually did listen to some Sabbath from the 70s. Slept good that night and the cough was practically gone the next day. It seemed to have worked. Anyway, sorry for the digression.

    I have a job, family, a house, a bunch of cars, and three dogs. So there are requirements there I can't ignore. Free time activities nowadays in addition to surfing include running, working out, banjo picking, and raising rattlesnakes for our church's revivals which you are all welcome to attend.
    ...I'm kidding about the last one.

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    Trail Riding, Downhill riding, hiking, training, enjoying the fact that I don't have children.

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    Exclamation blam blam

    the second best sport is duck hunting.

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    "Try not to drink and eat chips. Drink and eat chips"
    Good one Gaff.

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    When it's flat, I surf fish or play some golf, a little skating and bike riding, use to ski, but a long drive to do it..Really enjoy working in the garden, landscaping, and on my koi doing stuff outside. When iam inside, enjoy messing around my home theater...and just hanging with my family and friends.

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    A couple of things that I like to do are: build my own surfboards/handplanes, Mountain Bike, Snowboard, work on the bike
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    i hunt devil dogs...g0d damn, i can tell ya one thing, that's a big son 'o b*tch.

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    Snowboarding, hiking, sports betting, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, music but what I've really got into over the past few years is photography. I spend about as much money on cameras as I do surfboards.