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    and Surfrider is powerless...don't waste your time. They haven't been able to stop a single beach fill project in NJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattyb View Post
    I agree with sandy hook surfer. Us northern Monmouth county boys have been screaming and crying about replenishment for last several years. Now southern Monmouth surfers are finally seeing it at their favorite breaks and as a result they have been traveling up to us this winter. It definitely is enraging to see millions of dollars spent to flatten a break for 6 months before the next storm just throws that sand on ocean ave or back out to sea, and eventually makes it rideable. But most breaks find a way to peel again, just takes time. I feel your pain but this is just an annual bummer now in the area we live in.
    Southern Monmouth boys saw it in the early 2000s...they filled every beach to Manasquan Inlet.
    It took a long time for the spots to come back. Now they are back at it so everyone is traveling to spots that haven't been filled. WHen they are done it's usually just pounding shorebreak death pits like Monmouth Beach now...not a real breaking wave on a proper sandbar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walkingonh2o View Post
    Hey bro-I suppose the one of the only places that will still be good is Belmar, NJ.... They have that artificial reef out there..
    There is a reef out there...but it doesn't do ****. It was a failed experiment in the early 90s.

    A proper reef should be considered but they will never spend the $$$

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    Unhappy beach pumping / seven presidents park

    pumping really did ruin the waves there way back when. considering what a vibrant surf
    culture existed there it is, in a historical perspective, sad.