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    Singer Island
    Trailer a skiff or a jet ski so you can explore hidden water accessible only set ups and outside mysto breaks. Or a kayak if you are environmentally aware (and 99% nuts). Make sure you have a good anchor or you could end up chasing your rig out to sea between sets.

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    Portsmouth Island, NC. - You can camp there and probably be the only surfer.
    Cape Canaveral - don't get caught. Playalinda Beach nearby is one of the best waves in FL when it's on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Jimmy Buffett (the singer) did something like this, if memory serves. Had himself a custom sleep-in surfing rig built & drove/surfed the east coast a few years back. I think it was also one of those bio-fuel rigs, too. Pretty neat stuff overall.
    Here's Jimmy's rig:


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    He's got the life... I was out on my boat one day (great south bay) and a sea plane landed. Door opened and it was Buffet. So cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by sailquik View Post
    Here's Jimmy's rig:


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    Maine has some good outter islands. But you would have to get some good swells to coincide if you want any chance of exploration WITH surf. Otherwise all you will be doing is scouting potential spots. Pretty hit or miss, but sounds fun as anything.

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    Northern Florida and the islands of Delmarva. Get a kayak and some decent camping gear and go for it.

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    Cycle touring/exploraton east coast

    I like where your heads are at fellas.

    Anyone interested in cycle-touring and surfing/camping, or just exploring shoreline?

    I've been destroying some eastern shore roads by the coast down here, and I've got a lot of ideas brewing. These guys have been a solid inspiration for what I'm interested in doing. Delmarva for mini-starters, east coast for adventure. I'm pretty much ready to ride.

    Save your money and go two wheels - never worry about fuel price - I haven't for almost 5 years!

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    I agree that going anywhere you haven't been before is exploring, just start from where you would normally go and start hitting all the other spots you always pass by or go a bit further than you normally would and try those spots. Although, I really like the idea of starting in Dec and going up the coast all the way to Maine and back till end of Feb. Would be a good 90 days and guaranteed to score almost every day if you pick the right spots along the way

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    Quote Originally Posted by BassMon View Post
    I was thinking of doing something like this. I'm from NY so I was thinking of just heading south, stopping in every state on the way down and doing some exploring, then heading back up north doing the same thing. It would be a long trip though don't you think? I mean unless you were following a cane swell up the coast back home there would most likely be alot of flat days. One of these days, one of these days
    I may have posted this before on another thread. If so, I apologize.
    East coast surfing road trip from 1975: VA to FL. In a VW van, no less. Not much surfing footage until they get down to FL

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    Islands and artificial reef off of the coast, not gonna say where but some spots can get world class
    Quote Originally Posted by NickM View Post
    Iím reaching out to all East-coasters here. Is there anywhere left to explore and find decent waves? Iíve done some exploring on the OBX and the Eastern Shore but was wondering if there are any areas worth looking into elsewhere.

    I was thinking about Nova Scotia but I was hoping for decent spots state side. Iím not looking for anyone to dime out there spot just wondering if there is a spot where I can camp and explore around.

    Thanks guys Ė