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    5'4" Sweet Potatoe for sale or trade

    FST, Futures, no dings or repairs, perfect condition, $400 or will trade for 5'6\" or 5'8\"
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    Where are you located

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    Rhode Island

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    Rhode Island will post pics

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    added pics
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    how does it go? does she turn?

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    It's fast and skatey. Turns like a fish drawn out lines and covers flat sections that you'd need a longboard for. I dig it a lot just want to put more of a gap between my it(my groveler) and short boards. I'm 185 intermediate and surf it no problem.

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    volume on that thing? I am 180+lbs these days. 30L min for me, though I suspect I need a bit more lately!

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    35.7L nevermind