With all the hate going on around here, this is what pisses me off to no end!

1) "Wash Me" fingered on my car window, damnit its gonna rain soon...leave my dirt alone, its my dirt!!
2) People who take a crap in a public restroom smearing it on the walls and or pissing all over the toilet seat...who let you out of your cage you friggin animal!
3) Having to vent on a public forum cause my therapist went on vacation!
4) People that don't pick up their dogs sh!t at the park, c'mon folks be a little more responsible, I don't feel like scraping crap off my shoes!
5)People who profess religious values but live their lives otherwise, I won't mention any names...just stop already!
6)People who throw trash out of their car window...friggin pigs!
7)People who drive SUVs and complain about the price of gas. (Or anyone who drives a Hummer)!
8)Women who cant figure out how to wrap their lips around their top teeth, rub u raw, then u get helmet chaff if there is good surf you burn the next day!
9)Beer Sh!ts!