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    CA surf suggestions

    heading outta Boston to SoCal for a few weeks. will be my first time out west. gonna be in the LA area. i plan on buying a board once im out there. i've heard the LA area sucks. true? hoping anyone with first hand info would be willing to share. thanks

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    you don't even need to "explore", just drive. There is tons of surf throughout LA County. Mostly all beachbreaks to the south, with reefs and points mixed in as you move north. Good consistent surf with absolutely retarded crowds to deal with. LA "sucks" on a lot of levels, but you can score there. It depends on what you're willing to put up with. It's a human zoo.

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    "If a butterfly flaps its wings over the Pacific, Santa Cruz gets waves." -Kane

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    Depends what you mean by LA area. LA County is 4000 square miles. If you are staying in Santa Monica, Hollywood, the Valley then you'll be closer to Malibu, Zuma, Topanga, etc. If you are staying in Southern LA or the South Bay it's easier to get to Orange County or North San Diego County. Santa Monica to Encinitas is only 100 miles.