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    Ya gotta love it-

    It seems that in an attempt to survive a periodic flat spell, we resort to posting photos from winter swells, other people's photos, and lots of artsy fartsy images like sunsets, travel photos, et al. How about still more fun, I'd like to propose a ''How low can you go?'' photo contest that would seem like an appropriate challenge for the photogs amongst us. It's been mighty glassy of late so let's see some of that micro perfection that's out there. At least it beats whining about our current sad state of affairs. If you can get a shot of somebody actually riding (not just being pushed by the wavelet) you might score bonus points.

    Maybe something like this will help us appreciate our next swell all the more.

    Oh, and one thing more, let's not shoot the horse we rode in on. Micah doesn't make the waves, he just tracks them for us. Thanks for all you do Micah!

    Not the smallest by any means, but maybe a starting point:
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