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WHOA! dude, sorry to hear that about the neighb. Post some pics!!!

...of the surf that is
I don't know how good of an angle we can get. We have property with 7 houses/cottages and only like 7 feet between them. His house is two stories, the roof is kinda flat, and the only angle we can safely shoot is upward from the ground which won't show his roof. I can ask my GF to take pics but it's tricky. I am in Florida now and don't have any pics of the large surf from the other day, but the NW winds made it unrideable. At least on Oahu as the North Shore faces NW. Even the South Shore had some surf and was blown out with the 50-60MPH winds.

I ended up going to Palm Beach yesterday where they were calling for 3-4 foot surf. It was about knee high if you have really tall knees. Gonna try again this Thurs where they are calling for 4-5 foot waves.