I was surfing a waist-chest day in delaware a few years ago and tried to back bail over a closeout section but ended up hitting the folding lip and getting sucked over feet first onto my upside-down board. The side fin hit the instep of my foot like an axe. Got to the beach and asked a friend if it was bad and he started to retch. So I drove myself to the walk-in emergency clinic in rehoboth off Rt. 1 with a towel wrapped around my foot and eventually the got all the sand and crap out of the cut and stitched it up and but a bandage on it. The painkillers they gave me when suturing ran out about halfway though the two-hour drive home and I have a stick shift car. Every shift I had to stifle a scream and I was out of the water for like 3 weeks. Sucked!