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Thread: Nobodys out

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    Nobodys out

    Im seeing huge waves with no one on them. Yeah it's alittle cold and windy but theres size. Whats everyone waiting for?

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    Good question... Belmar NJ is going off... as usual...

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    I just got back. I was the only guy out. At all. I checked one spot, surfable waves but the tide seemed to be a bit to high. So I went to check a spot that works better on a swell like this, the road to get there was closed for snow removal (never seen a road block sign that said that before). So then I checked another spot nearby. Iv never been there before so I had my fingers crossed. As I walked up I saw these perfect waves. I mean these barrels were just peeling down the line, and I mean peeling, no kinks in the waves at all. As I get closer I realize its the shore break. Disappointed I went to the first spot and surfed for about an hour. Had fun but I wish I go up earlier for low tide, it was probably really really good. I made the mistake of waiting so the streets could get plowed, bad move. But anyway my whole point to this long post is that the whole time checking 3 different spots and driving between them I did not see one surfer. Strange.

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    It's just starting to break at my local. I'm pretty close to gearing up.

  5. Same here in OC MD. It's big and firing off, no one out. If anyone wants to go out at 70th, please do so I can paddle out as well (ain't no way I'm going out alone in that).

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    Tide is a bit high anyone think this pre dark session will be mental? Lows around 5ish and the wind is forecasted to drop a bit.

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    I got out this morning. Big cold waves. A lot of closeouts. Today was the first time I felt 50 years old. But the few waves I got before I froze were worth it. I got out about 90 minutes ago and I still can't get the cold out of my bones. I think ever since I got moved inside at work my tolerance for the cold has dropped???

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    Pics, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChavezYChavez View Post
    I think ever since I got moved inside at work my tolerance for the cold has dropped???
    Funny you say that Chavez...I'm not a warm weather animal, anything above 75 w/ humidity and I start sweating...but I spent a few months working in a prestress concrete plant. The tables were kept at 95 from the time we poured and overnight while the pieces cured. So once summer rolled around, as you can guess, it was hot as firey balls in there. Anyway, that summer, I didn't need to sleep w/ air conditioning b/c I was used to the it was the opposite of your situation, but I think what you said is true.

    And yeah, it's cold as $hit today, good on ya for getting out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailquik View Post
    Pics, please!
    Every time I try to post a picture on here I get some "enter proxy settings" screen that asks me for Domain and password. WTF does that mean? Is that some security block at my work? I'm about as computer literate as Sandblaster's cousin who lives in Mississippi so I'm not sure what all that means. Plus, taking pictures was the last thing on my mind after getting out of the water today. I was thinking more long the lines of frostbite, freezing to death before I could muster up the motor skills to open the door of my truck, and getting to work on time with a bunch of idiots on the road.