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    Shoting Piers in Honeyton
    I like this one from sisurfdog, think it sums up the state of the forum nicely:

    "Welcome to the Freebird lovin, momma banging, 23foot shredding, brahfest here at SI Mr. TunaFish. Thank you for your service. What is your favorite board? What is your favorite break? Are you goofy footed or just gay? Why all the hate? Relax, breathe, say "Hello". It's all good here."

    Vote Rcarter in 2014 Because if we all work together we can all hate everybody.

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    The second coming is here, you will all be rained on by stagnant goat pee my brahthern. Rcarters back side slappy is so gnar the velocity of his spray reaches heaven. Appond arrival the water molecules turn to goat pee. Tis the first sign! His sprays wil be landing in jersey then heading south stopping at Bouge Peir. "if one is to eat the yellow snow from the holy spray you will become a chosen one and have every lasting sessions in va beach. " Surfrinthians 2:74

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    Again, folks, the brown acid is bad and you should not eat it.

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    woah. wow. hoooooooolyyyyy moooolllyyyy! RCARTER IS BANNED! No more hatin on SI!