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    Quote Originally Posted by Fl Surfer View Post
    Didn't mean to start all that.....
    Not quite what you thought it would be huh? This thread is not the big picture here on SI man. It is about a few members duking it out.

    I don't know of the situations and I don't know Josh. I get the picture that he passed away from drug use. Tragic indeed.

    To Doug and PJB: has y'all's relationship always been this way? Do y'all know each other in the real world? You speak as if there is bad blood between you more so than just on the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug View Post
    Not bad, ay bro? I'll take credit for some of the drama. So, thank you for the compliment. At this point I have to laugh about it.
    Hey as long as you can laugh about it then it was not a waste! I do appreciate the entertainment value though.

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    ^they're child hood friends, but when they were in their early 20's pjb did the durty with doug's mom. It all went down hill from there.

    And here we are!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuono View Post
    ^^Truth x2

    It usually takes me actually talking to live people at the surf shop now -
    The horror!