So I get up before sunrise this morning for my usual Dawn Patrol and check the forecasts before heading out the door. I couldn't check the cam because it was still dark out, but I look at the buoy - which is 1/4 mile from my break. It is saying approx. 5.4ft significant and 8.2 maximum @10secs, but I don't completely trust it because it has been reading a little high (IMHO) since it's last maintenance.

The forecasts are so different from each other that I don't know what to make of them... I usually check SI and SL, but today I looked at MSW as well because of all the hoopla, even tho' their closest break to me is an hour or so away.

Here are the screen grabs from all three and a couple of pictures of the surf. Who do you think came closest to a correct forecast?

Screenshot (13).jpgScreenshot (14).jpgScreenshot (15).jpgDSC_0003.jpgDSC_0002.jpg

(IMO, MSW is an automatic fail for not having a forecast for my part of the coast, but I stuck it in there for shigs and tiggles)

Disclaimer: I am NOT the guy in the speedo. I just took the photo to get a perspective of the wave size with someone on it!