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Thread: censorship

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    Quote Originally Posted by TunerFish View Post
    Please stop worrying about it so much. Obviously the admin is letting you stick around. Therefore, you got away with all the hate/crazy talk. So why push it? Besides, its Saturday, take your kids to the beach or something. Go surf. Write a poem. Hug a tree.
    Seriously, its Saturday, go away from the computer. I wish I could, but we are trying to get this place in shape!

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    dudes brah dudes we can all get along besides you have to contribute and troll at the same time you just cant troll all the time or contribute all the time. we all have to get along. tuner your pointing the finger when your causing the problem kinda ironic innit? everything was fine until the brits came here and the fact that your letting them stay is very american..perhaps to american to even be american....i see now. i tell you whats makes the forums worse limiting freedom thats right freedom. all of those threads popped up because of lack of freedom, taking away someones free speech. in the south and everywhere else we say what we want and dont care about the repercussions because we can and we will, its what we do in merica. hate all yall want report all yall want. wtf do you expect its pretty much a east coast surf forum and there is no waves here to surf or talk about. ever notice how there is little activity when there is waves..and its everyone posting how good it was or pics of the session?