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    Met my new neighbor today.

    Was cutting the lawn and saw him when I was on his side of my yard. Started talking and asked what he does for a living. He said he works in logistics. I asked what that was. He said it deals with logic. I asked what that entailed. He commenced to show me. Told me that since I had a dog house, logic tells him I have a dog. True. Since I have a dog logic tells him I probably got kids. Grandkid. And since there has been offspring, logic tells him I'm a heterosexual. I'm the poster child.
    So I went on mowing and the neighbor on the other side comes out and asks me about the new guy. I tell him he works in logistics. I ask him if he has a dog. "No." he said. "Faeg!" I reply logically.

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    john banner - is that you?
    (i know nothing....i see nothing)

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    That is hilarious Chicharonne.

    Who knew it was so logical to "out" your neighbor. I guess I need to get a dog pronto!

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    Haha great!! Thanks for sharing!

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    Good stuff Chich HAHAHA, never trust a man who doesn't have or love dogs

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    yep, theres two types of people
    cat people and dog people
    and we all know cat people AREN'T to be trusted

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    Cats are the devils pet. Startle a li'l poopy and the poor thing yelps. Do it to a piece o schitt kitten and it'll claw yer eyes out.

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    Classic! What a total faegola.