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    forum moderators wanted

    Okay, with all the drama in the forum lately, its clear that we need to make changes in order to make this a place hospitable for real genuine discussions.

    Please PM SI_ADMIN if you are interested in being a forum moderator.

    As a moderator, you will be asked to give out infractions to users who break the rule set, which are set forth in the sticky thread at the top of the forum home page and listed below. Your use history will be reviewed to see if we can trust your decision making in an unbiased manner. If you have ever been banned or given infractions, please don't take the time.

    The rules are:
    - No Inappropriate Language
    - No Making offensive/insulting comments
    - No spamming
    - No Threatening other members
    - No sexually explicit material
    - No discussion regarding engaging of illegal activities
    - No Hijacking thread topic (unrelated tangent).
    - No Trolling (creating a stir for no reason)

    If you like this forum, when we are talking about actually surfing or other interesting topics, and want to lend a helping hand to keep things running smoothly, then please send me a pm.
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